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Operation Good Boy is committed to serving this community of military friendly dog owners that love our country.


During the pandemic, Tom Aiello realized how important dogs are for mental health and a happier life. As a Captain of the US Army, Veteran mental health and resources is something at Tom’s core.

After realizing that there was no brand that directly supports K9s veterans and better dog health, Tom had the idea for Operation Good Boy.  After researching, partnering with military veterinarians, and working on this vision for 2 years, Operation Good Boy came to life on Veterans Day 2022.

At the same time, Austen Alexander had exited the US Navy after 7 years of active service, and taken fitness and his production agency full-time. Tom saw Austen’s content for Veterans and Americans to help them live a healthier lifestyle.  This struck a chord, so Tom approached Austen and introduced him to Operation Good Boy.

The mission behind Operation Good Boy and Austen’s love for helping veterans quickly became an initiative that Austen was excited to get behind. After several months of learning about OGB and Tom, Austen came aboard to help amplify the message and awareness behind Operation Good Boy.

Together with the team at OGB, Austen and Tom continue their mission to bring veterans products and toys to make their K9s happier and healthier, which in turn improves their quality of life across the board.



We are a purpose-based company. Over a 2-year window, we designed and formulated our products.  From the start, we knew we wanted to support military charities.

These Military Working Dogs embody the same sense of loyalty of servicemembers and in fact, are veterans themselves. Yet, they have many needs as they serve.  Sometimes, they require special care.  That’s why Operation Good Boy provides unrestricted funds to these Military Working Dog Charities.